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Are You Considering Cremations in Midland, MI?

Designing end-of-life services can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are taking care of services for a loved one. As you are considering your options, there is one important decision that needs to be addressed: traditional burial or cremation? It’s important that you learn about these services so you can choose the package that is right for the needs of your family. If you would like to schedule cremations in Midland, MI, then it’s time to call our experienced team at Kind Cremations.

We offer full-service packages for cremation, giving your family an affordable, respectful way to say goodbye to a loved one. These services can be arranged for last-minute needs and our team is always on call to answer your questions and arrange transportation. Additionally, we are available to support preplanning as well.

Why Choose a Direct Cremation Provider?

You can schedule cremation through a traditional funeral provider, but it is important to understand how these services are managed. In most cases, the funeral home doesn’t have an on-site crematory. So, it is necessary to transport the remains to another provider for the cremation.

At Kind Cremations, we specialize in cremation services. As a result, your loved one will stay in our care through all aspects of the cremation. We give you a quality guarantee and peace of mind in knowing that your loved one will receive the highest levels of respect from our team.

There’s no reason to work through a funeral home when the cremation services will be handled by a third party. In most situations, the cost of direct cremations is more expensive when you are working through a funeral home. Having another contractor involved increases the expenses, and these costs are passed onto the family. Our team at Kind Cremations is working to break the mold. We offer direct cremation services at affordable prices. Keeping our overhead costs low means that we can pass these savings onto our customers.

Not only are these services readily available for families from all walks of life, but cremation offers a cost-effective way to lay a loved one to rest. This low-cost solution reduces the financial stress on your family. Instead of worrying about the budget, you can turn your attention to focus on the memories and celebration of a life well-lived.

Cremations Packages in Midland, MI

Direct cremation can be as simple as you would like it to be. For example, some families want to avoid the stress of a complicated funeral service, so they hire us to handle the cremation without event planning services. On the other hand, there are times when families want to pair cremation with a formal or informal service.

It’s up to you to choose the specific details of the event. Consider your family traditions and the needs of those in attendance. Then, you can design the overall plan that matches your preferences.

Rest assured knowing that our team at Kind Cremations is here to provide the full-service experience you deserve. Just because our prices are low, doesn’t mean that you will receive subpar services. Instead, we work to give you rock-bottom pricing and quality services at the same time.

A few details are included in your cremation package. When you hire us for cremations in Midland, MI, you can know that we are here to help with everything that is needed:

  • Transportation: We can arrange transportation to move the deceased from any location to our cremation center. Additionally, a delivery service can be arranged to return the ashes to the family.
  • Paperwork: Certain permits and medical paperwork need to be completed before we can move forward with the cremation. Our staff can also assist with your questions regarding death certificate paperwork, insurance requirements, and more.
  • Cremation: During the actual cremation, you can be comforted knowing that we maintain the highest levels of respect for every person.
  • Memorial: Is there a certain way you would like to honor the memory of your loved one? We can assist in the selection of a memorial urn if desired. Other options include memorial jewelry and other mementos that help you remember the life of your loved one.

After the Cremation

When the cremation is finished, you can determine the best way to proceed with a ceremony or event as desired. One option is to scatter the ashes in a memorial garden, with a small gathering of friends and family. Or, you might choose to have the ashes placed in a beautiful urn that will be kept in your home.

At Kind Cremations, our team is here to provide the unique services that are necessary for the needs of your family. We’re here to assist with everything you need before, during, and after the cremation services are finished.

Learn more about cremations in Midland, MI by talking to the experts at Kind Cremations. We are located at 1550 Midland Road Saginaw, MI 48638. You can reach our team by calling: (855) 546-3123.

1) What is a memorial jewelry?

Memorial jewelry allows the wearer to always keep a loved one close at heart. Choose from elegant to modern styles with finely crafted details and inspiring designs. View the different designs here.

2) I’m interested on an item from your store, how long is the shipping and its coverage area?

Orders are processed Monday – Friday, if your order is received after 12 noon EST it will be processed the following business day. We ship via major carriers to any continental U.S. destination. We are unable to ship to international addresses, outside the continental United States, P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses at this time. View our store here to avail of free shipping on selected items.

3) Is it possible to plan a cremation ahead of time?

Kind Cremations offers a guaranteed-price frozen pre-paid basic cremation plan, complete with monthly payment options available. This plan is designed for those looking to plan ahead and plan well. If death is near, this plan will not be best suited for your needs. The plan can be arranged remotely or by an in-office appointment. Learn more about this Pre-Plan Option here.