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As more people learn about the benefits of cremation, it’s easy to see why many families are skipping traditional services in favor of cremation instead. As with all end-of-life services, it is important that you learn about the options before deciding on the solutions that are right for your needs. Our team is happy to answer your questions about cremations in Saginaw, MI. This information will help you decide if you should move forward with cremation or if it is best to stick with a traditional funeral package.

At Kind Cremations, we honor your preferences and requests. Our experienced staff is working hard to offer a safe space where you can learn about cremation without feeling pressured into a specific package or service. We promise the highest quality care and affordable prices, giving your family a simple solution to care for the needs of your loved one.

Benefits: What You Can Expect from Cremations in Saginaw, MI

  • Benefits: What You Can Expect from Cremations in Saginaw, MI
  • As you learn about the benefits of direct cremations, it’s simple to see why many families are choosing these services as an alternative to traditional funerals. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you decide the cremation is the right choice:
  • Stress-Free Experience: It’s no surprise that funeral planning can be a stressful process, especially when you are planning a large event with many people in attendance. Why add to the stress of losing a loved one? As you are working through this grief, sometimes the best solution is to keep it simple. There’s no need to over-complicate this process with a large, formal event. Direct cremation gives you an option to keep it simple right now. You always have the option to plan a big memorial in the future if desired.
  • Save Money: How much money should be spent on services for your loved one? Spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive higher quality services. Formal funerals can be expensive because of all of the related costs for a casket, headstone, funeral home facilities, and more. If you don’t want to bear the burden of these out-of-pocket costs, then it makes sense to hire a crematory for services instead. The cost of cremation is a fraction of the price that would have been paid for full funeral services.
  • Expanding Your Options: Many families find that cremation opens up a variety of options in the way the person is laid to rest. Instead of being limited to placement in a cemetery, you can choose from a variety of locations where the cremation ashes are placed. Cemetery burial is always a possibility, if desired. Or, you might place the ashes in memorial jewelry, use a memorial urn at home, or scatter the ashes outdoors. Some families maintain the memories through a tree or garden planted in honor of the deceased.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Have you considered the impact of burial on the environment? Most caskets are manufactured using materials that can pollute the ground. Additionally, embalming fluids are not eco-friendly. If you are worried about the impact on mother earth, then you might decide that cremation is a preferred solution instead of a traditional burial.
  • Flexibility of Services: With a traditional funeral, you have a limited time to hold the services and place the casket in the burial plot. This timeline often makes families feel pressured because there is only a short window to hold the event. It if feels too rushed, then cremation might be a good solution to consider. Cremation can be completed right away, then you can take the time that is needed to design a proper event if desired.

Our team at Kind Cremations supports your preferences when it comes to cremations in Saginaw, MI. We offer a listening ear and the full-service support you need.

Why Hire a Direct Cremation Specialist?

Even though all traditional funeral homes also provide cremation services, there is a difference in the way things are handled through a direct cremation provider. The truth is that many funeral providers don’t have a crematory, which means that these services must be handled by a cremation company. As a result, the funeral home is the middle point of contact for services that are completed at another location.

If you decide the cremation is the service of choice for your loved one, then the best answer is to work with the provider directly. At Kind Cremations, we focus solely on cremations. Our specialized approach means that you are working with a team that truly understands the industry. We promise that all necessary services are handled in-house.

We are here to provide everything you need for cremations in Saginaw, MI. As you are considering your options, schedule a consultation with Kind Cremations. Our office is located at 1550 Midland Road Saginaw, MI 48638. Call at your convenience: (855) 546-3123.

1) Do you have options for cremation?

 Yes. You may choose between online arrangement or direct cremation. Read here to learn more about these options.

2) Is it possible to send tributes here for our dearly departed?

Yes, you may share a memory of them or send condolences to their family under our Obituaries. Search for their name/s here.

3) Do you have items for sale?

We have a variety of items to choose from our Sympathy Store ranging from: Gift Baskets & Food, memorial gifts, memorial jewelry, and books for grieving. Check our store for the itemized list.